Recently we went to Madeira and stayed at Roca Mar Hotel

We wanted to create a video and show travelers things to do on the island. In the video we highlighted the hotel. In this case we show you how we did it.

We stayed for one week and explored the area, filmed and took photos of various places. We used our YouTube-channel, Instagram and Facebook-page to market the hotel and the whole trip.

The main YouTube-video

We had a lot of footage, and decided to use the best clips in chronological order, starting off by showing the hotel. Quickly it received many views, both from our trusted followers and by boosting the video though AdWords. We guaranteed the hotel a minimum of 10.000 views on YouTube, and at least 1000 views on Facebook. Now it has over 13.000 views on YouTube, and over 7.000 views on Facebook!

Facebook ads

We focused on three geographical areas: UK, Portugal and Germany. We also choose to only target the video to travelers. In total we reached almost 12.000 people. We also shared the video in our private channels:

fb share video
facebook ads hotels

The video post received 60+ likes and 40+ shares, and we only spent €20 on boosting the video.

Instagram - organic posts

We added photos, videos and stories from the hotel and Madeira – both on our personal: malmsten_havervall and branded Instagram account: travel_ons.

roca mar hotel instagram
instagram madeira

Blog post

On our branded website and blog: – we created a blog post about the whole trip to Madeira and our stay at Roca Mar Hotel. The value of creating a blog post like this is huge, especially if you want to increase your ranking on search engines (SEO).

You can read the whole blog post here.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our case, be sure to contact us if you want to do a collaboration!

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travel blog post

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